Score Chart Software
for the Microsoft Windows
Windows Platform

See Mark Baer demonstrate the Free2Worship Hardware system.                    

Complete Hardware System:


  1. Dell Laptop with Score Chart Software installed
    (Windows 7,Dual Core Processor,320 gig Hard drive,
    1 4 Gb of ram, Dell Vostro, 16 screen size)

  2. Four 20” Flat Screen Monitors on a Custom Adjustable Stand

  3. VGA Splitter with custom length cables for your setup

  4. Wireless RF Receiver and Transmitter to send
    Lyrics to the overhead  projector

  5. Adustable Laptop Stand

  6. Score Chart Software

Price $ 5995.00*     SALE PRICE  5495.00


A 5th 20" Monitor and Adjustable stand

(*shipping and handling not included)

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or call  USA (770)-222-5998


Adjustable stand with 19" Monitor


Adjustable Laptop Stand


Video Splitter and RF Transmtter